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The Kudos is a guidance group for young men in grades 9 through 12. It is our goal to help guide the development of these young men into becoming responsible men of high moral, academic and social characteristics.  We seek to provide these high school students with cultural experiences, mentors and positive role models who can lend structure and support in their transitions to manhood.


Around September of 1969 a group of six young men gathered to form the Megistos Club. The Megistos Club, which was Greek for “the greatest,” was sponsored by the Beta Theta Chapter of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., with Julia Carpenter as advisor.

The purpose of the Megistos was to:

  • lift the educational, moral, and social standards of youths

  • aid in the development of well-rounded individuals

  • create a desire in boys to improve their scholarship

  • provide an opportunity for boys to broaden their scope of activities

  • encourage active participation in civic activities

  • emphasize the cultural and social graces of manhood.


At the 1983 Conclave the Megistos officially had their name changed to Kudos, meaning “a claim to prestige renown.” Many of the chapters of National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. have Kudos Chapters. Each of the five regions holds its Kudos Regional Conference annually. The Regional Conference is held in conjunction with the Xinos.

Beta Theta Xinos hosted the first Far Western Region’s Xinos Conference.  The “Little Regional” held in 1959, as a forum in which Beta Theta and Beta Nu realized the working of the Xinos was functioning in a most significant role.  The coed workshop presented by the teenagers was most memorable, and out of this evolved our first organized group of teenage boys.


The Hub Parents is a parent support group for the Xinos and Kudos. All parents, grandparents and guardians of Xinos and Kudos are welcomed to join.  They combine their efforts be a support not only their high school students but also each other.

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