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  • All Things Lovely, LLC

  • Allen Pro Graphics (stuff4GREEKS/Zeus' Closet)

  • Captain Sweats

  • College Threads, LLC (Greek House)

  • Commemorative Brands, Inc. (Balfour)

  • Creative Expression

  • Diva Starr

  • Divine Embroidery

  • Elite Collection

  • Herff Jones, LLC

  • Hood Adjacent Tees

  • Juanita Boutique

  • KH Sports Fan

  • Kozy Cushions

  • PeaceLily Rose Stationery Co.

  • Rian Reed and Co., LLC

  • Silver Spoon Accessories & More, LLC

  • The Professional Greek

  • TnT

  • Turn 2 Wood, LLC

  • Vantine Imaging, LLC

  • Vondell's Gifts 

  • Whole Me

For Vendor Information, please contact:
National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. National Headquarters by email: 

NSPDKHDQ@aol.com  •  Subject: Vendor Information Requested

NSPDK Licensed Vendors - As of August 15, 2022

All Things Lovely, LLC
Saginaw, Michigan

Tania Baston

(989) 980-4730

Email: allthingslovely989@gmail.com

Website:  www.facebook.com/LovelyThings989

Products: Cultural Gifts Store

Allen Pro Graphics (stuff4GREEKS/Zeus' Closet)
Atlanta Georgia

Monica Allen

(404) 792-2526

Email: customerservice@s4g.comwww.s4g.com

Products: custom Greek clothing, sorority apparel, fraternity shirts, and other Greek paraphernalia

Captain Sweats

Tucker, Georgia

Ray Parker

(201) 232-7359

Email: cptsweats@aol.com

Products: Apparel (Men's/Unisex, Women's, Youth)

College Threads, LLC (Greek House)

Jacksonville, Florida

Karthik Shanadi

(407) 927-6808

Email: licensing@greekhouse.org

Website: www.greekhouse.org

Products: Apparel (Men's/Unisex, Women's, Youth/Infant), Footwear, Drinkware, Graduation Products, Home Goods, Office/School Supplies, Personal Accessories, Signage/Auto Accessories


Commemorative Brands, Inc. (Balfour)

Dallas, Texas

Julie Bednar

(214) 797-8008

Email: julie.bednar@balfour.com

Website: www.balfour.com

Products: Graduation Products, Jewelry


Creative Expressions

Gary, Indiana

Toni Preston

(219) 718-9917

Email: info@creativeexpressionsllc.com

Website: www.creativeexpressionsllc.com

Products: Apparel, footwear, Home Goods, Jewelry, Office supplies, Personal accessories, Signage/Auto Accessories


Diva Starr

Indianapolis, Indiana

Melodie Powell

(815) 501-1814

Email: divastarrboutique@gmail.com

Website: www.divastarr.com

Products: Apparel, Drinkware, Personal Accessories, Signage/Auto Accessories

Divine Embroidery

Angela Green

(261) 401-0906

Email: angelakpgreen@gmail.com


Elite Collections

South Pasadena, California

Carolyn McNeil

(213) 798-7199

Email: wherecarolynis@yahoo.com

Website: www.pdkelite.com

Products: Women's apparel, Jewelry, Office Supplies, Personal Accessories


Herff Jones

Indianapolis, Indiana

Nancy Howard

(800) 837-4235

Email: licensing@herffjones.com

Website: www.HerffJones.com

Products: Jewelry


Hood Adjacent Tees

Windsor Mill, Maryland

Patricia Watson

(443) 896-3286

Email: patricia@hoodish.org

Website: www.hoodish.org

Products: Apparel, footwear, Home Goods, Graduation products, Jewelry, Office supplies, Personal accessories, Signage/Auto Accessories

Juanita Boutique

Portsmouth, Virginia

Wilheimina Long

(757) 470-7577

Email: thejuanitaboutique@gmail.com

Website: www.juanitaboutique.com

Products: Blankets, Home Goods, Personal Accessories, Books, Notecards

KH Sports Fan

Plainfield, Illinois

Josh Buchholz

(815) 230-2700

Email: jmb@kindredhearts.com

Products: Home Goods


PeaceLily Rose Stationery Co.

Elyria, Ohio

Peacenlyn Wells

(440) 207-0558

Email: pealilyrose@gmail.com

Products: Notebooks, Journals, Stationery, Office supplies


Rian Reed and Co, LLC

Hyattsville, Maryland

Rian Reed


Email: rian@rianreed.com 

Website: www.rianReed.com

Products: Apparel


Silver Spoon Accessories & More, LLC          

Grayson, Georgia

Dianna Weatherspoon Bey

(770) 256-3102

Email: dwbey69@yahoo.com

Website: www.silverspoonaccessories.com

Products: Apparel (Women's)

The Professional Greek    

Baltimore, Maryland

Sheraie Darby

(443) 803-5734

Email: ssdarby@ymail.com

Products: Apparel (Women), Office/School Supplies, Personal Accessories



Indianapolis, Indiana

Monica Richards

(317) 295-2798

Email: richards.monica@gmail.com

Website: sites.google.com/view/tsandtea/home

Products: Box set


Turn 2 Wood, LLC.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jermaine Turner

(314) 393-8256

Email: turner.delmar1@gmail.com

Website: www.turn2wood.com

Products: Wood Products, Home Goods


Vantine Imaging, LLC        

Hamilton, New York

Kim Koennecke

(315) 256-8443

Email: kimkoennecke@vantine.com

Website: www.vantineimaging.com

Products:  Drinkware, Home Goods, Office Supplies, Personal Accessories


Vondell’s Gifts

Baldwin, New York

Tanya Black          

(516) 375-4349

Email: ellyceblack1@gmail.com

Website: www.Facebook.com/vondellsgifts

Products: Apparel, Home Goods


Whole Me

Baldwin, New York

Erika George or Kemaaleka Clarke-Davidson

(516) 375-4349

Email: wholemeselfcare@gmail.com

Products: Women's Apparel