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COVID-19 Update 4: March 24, 2021

NSPDK National Headquarters has assumed its regular schedule  as of April 1, 2021

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From the desk of:

Etta F. Carter, PhD

26th Supreme Basileus

Greetings to All,

We are in the midst of a pandemic affecting the United States and many other countries around the world. For eight days I have attempted to send this newsletter to our members, however, as I start each new day the information has changed. There is something new that makes yesterday’s information obsolete. However, I want to provide information from the national organization’s perspective for our sorors, affiliates, and families. Many of you are focusing, as you should, on the effect and impact of the coronavirus on your immediate personal health, your personal daily surroundings, your family, neighborhood, city and state. You are also worried about family members and friends in other locations.

Each local government (state or city) has made decisions based on its location within the United States and the resources available at this time. As of this writing, a new recommendation from CDC is that gatherings of over 50 persons should be banned.  Please know that there is a major difference between the following: recommended, banned, avoided, suggested, and a direct action from the government.  You probably feel that it would have been great for the President to declare a state of emergency for the entire United States, but that is not what happened.

My pastor reminded us to read Psalm 46, take time to digest the meaning, and most of all practice “Selah” - Pause, Rest, Breathe, Think, and be at Peace. God’s answer is the best and only answer!

First Thought - BE SAFE! 

Do not take unnecessary chances with your health. 1) If you are a senior, or living with a compromised health condition, please do not venture out into gatherings of 50 persons or more. 2) All should be on heightened preparedness with cleanliness at every level and at all times, for 24 hours a day.  Including: avoid shaking hands and frequently touching your face; wash your hands and clean surfaces often. 3) Be prepared to be isolated for a while; have needed medicines and food for two weeks. 4) Keep busy, calm and prepared: read, exercise at home, take walks, talk to friends and family by telephone, send email messages, write notes, and letters. 5) Respond to and act on all government regulations, i.e., be tested as it becomes available, avoid crowds, avoid travel unless the travel is an emergency.  5) Stay Informed.

Second Thought - BE PATIENT!

The months of March, April, May, and June are the busiest months of the sororal year for members, youth and affiliates of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated. There are five Youth Leadership Conferences and five Regional Conferences scheduled in less than three months.  Each Regional Director, Regional Executive Committee, Host Chapter, The National Executive Committee, and Board of Trustees have been diligently working with the hotels and conference planners discussing the upcoming conferences. Decisions are being made on a day-by-day basis as information is revealed. We are monitoring closely the health restrictions imposed in each location, the hotel’s response to this crisis, and the anticipated attendance of sorors or youth. Please be assured that our Regional Directors are working intensely to assess all areas as related to scheduled conferences. Many written and oral communications, including emails and conference calls, are taking place daily. 


Third Thought - Remember OUR SISTERS!

Over one/half of the membership of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. is designated as “seniors” as it relates to information from the CDC. Although many of us do not consider ourselves to be in that category, nevertheless We Are!  As a sisterhood we need to be compassionate, caring, and concerned about each other, as well as senior Anthropos who live alone.  Chapters are asked to initiate a plan to remain in contact with our senior members.  If you are able and without risk to yourself:  take a care package to someone who lives alone,  if needed take them to appointments, pick up medicine if needed, develop a plan to help meet their needs, or call to check on their well-being.  We are all in this crisis together and we are SISTERS!


We are also in a profession where the coronavirus pandemic has a great impact on our students and their families, mainly in locations where schools are closed. In addition to providing missed school work, we need to be mindful of the children who need the meals they will not get from school each day.  If you have the ability to help provide food for those in need, through your church, local government, community or service centers, I know you will do what your heart tells you.


Our retired Sorors may not be actively engaged in teaching, however, as educators we are often asked to provide suggestions for assisting student learning.  Below is a link which has a variety of teaching and learning activities and strategies for K-12 students in many subjects. Grandparents may be called upon to assist their family with the care of children who are not in school. Feel free to use or share this information below with family and friends: Go to the YouTube link, Mix-Tape Khan Academy for internet schoolwork in all subjects, i.e. Kindergarten-Sight Words, Grade 3-Mathematics, Hands on Math-Middle School, and lots more.


Fourth Thought – BE CALM!

We know that God is in control! This is the time to put our faith into action. Faith does not live where Fear resides!  Call upon God to provide every resource within your mind, body and soul that will place you into a state of Peace and pass that Peace to everyone with whom you come in contact.


  • Psalm 46:1-2a “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear,”

  • Psalm 46:10-11 “Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord Almighty is with us, the God of Jacob is our fortress.”  Selah

Be blessed.

Etta F. Carter, PhD

26th Supreme Basileus




"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"     
~Nelson Mandela~



"To Foster a Spirit of Sisterhood Among Teachers and to Promote the Highest Ideals of the Teaching  Profession"


As a professional organization of well-trained and effective educators in all components of the learning spectrum, NSPDK is dedicated to training youth and adults to develop and enhance those skills, abilities, attitudes and ethics that will prepare them to function successfully in a democratic society.

The Y. E. S. (Youth, Education, Service) program guides us in the work we perform. We provide workshops for teacher development and mentoring; parent workshops on the new trends in education and how to help children succeed with the Common Core Standards.

The Purpose of our sorority is:

  • To stimulate personal growth among teachers

  • To foster a true spirit of sisterhood

  • To promote the highest ideals of the teaching profession

  • To encourage the development of the potential of our youth