2017 – 2021

  • Charlotte M. Williams, Supreme Executive Advisor

  • Frances Faulks, Supreme Parliamentarian

  • E. Lucille Minor, Past Supreme Basileus

  • Marguerite McClelland, Past Supreme Basileus

  • Della H. Oliver, Past Supreme Basileus

  • Ardena S. Dixon, Past Supreme Basileus

  • Margaret C. Nelson, Past Supreme Basileus

  • Ann. D. Black, Past Supreme Basileus

  • Betty J, Dixon, Past Supreme Basileus*

  • Leatha Brooks, National Headquarters Office Manager

  • Anita Totty, Conclave Co-Coordinator

  • Dr. Carla F. Carter, Conclave Co-Coordinator

    *Omega Chapter 


2019 – 2021

FRONT ROW: Shannette Rooks, Debra Wade, Marjorie McDaniel, Frances Faulk, Dr. Etta Carter, Charlotte Williams, Noreen Little, Yvonne Ben, Joyce Williams

BACK ROW: Anita Totty, Ruth Curry, Barbara Nettles, Dr. Patsy Squire, Brenda Jackson, Leatha Brooks, Jarian Graham, Tiffany Pritchett, Dr. Cheryl Montes, Hazel McCullough, Anona Huntley

  • Dr. Etta F. Carter, Supreme Basileus | Gamma Nu 

  • Noreen E. Little, First Supreme Anti-Basileus | Beta Omicron

  • Myrna Robinson, Second Supreme Anti-Basileus | ______

  • Marjorie McDaniel, Supreme Grammateus | Alpha Chi

  • Debra Wade, Supreme Epistoleus | Alpha Rho

  • Shannette Rocks, Supreme Tamiouchos | Mu

  • Yvonne W. Ben, Supreme Tamias | Alpha Theta

  • Joyce Williams, Chief Editor, The Krinon | Gamma Tau

  • Jarian R. Graham, National Public Relations Director | Eta

  • Dr. Patsy Squire, Regional Director, East | Beta Lambda

  • Rose Anderson, Regional Director, Southeast | Gamma Psi

  • Tiffany Pritchett, Regional Director, Midwest | Gamma Delta

  • Anita O’Neal, Regional Director, Southwest | Gamma Tau

  • Dr. Elcendia Nord, Regional Director, Far West | Gamma Sigma

  • Anona Huntley, Member-at-Large, East | Alpha

  • Brenda J. Jackson, Member-at-Large, Southeast | Psi

  • Barbara Nettles, Member-at-Large, Midwest | Mu

  • Dr. Cheryl Monts, Member-at-Large, Southwest | Epsilon Delta

  • Ruth Curry, Member-at-Large, Far West | Delta Rho

  • Charlotte M. Williams, Supreme Executive Advisor | Gamma

  • Frances Faulk, Supreme Parliamentarian | Nu

  • Ann D. Black, Past Supreme Basileus | __________

  • Leatha Brooks, National Headquarters Office Manager | Mu

  • Anita Totty, Conclave Coordinator | ____________

  • Dr. Carla Carter, Conclave Coordinator | Gamma Nu

  • Hazel McCullough, Logistics | Delta Beta

  • Margarette Galloway, 100 Anniversary Centennial Chairperson | _______________

The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated is a professional organization of women in the field of education. The three-point program - Y.E.S., which stands for Youth, Education and Service, is the foundation of the organization.



National Headquarters
8233 South King Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60619



(Until further notice)

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